A multi-media short dance + music film featuring an all-Chicago team including Kilmurray and collaborator Josh Anderson, Bedrooms is a narrative comprised of three films that navigate the cycle of relationships and explore that change in dynamics throughout different phases of intimacy. The project began with a series of songs written by Quinn Tsan entitled “The Bedrooms Suite” which mirror the process of the beginning, development, and conclusion of a relationship, with the third song transitioning back to the first to demonstrate the circular nature of our romantic connections. 

Choreography Erin Kilmurray + Josh Anderson | Produced by Quinn Tsan | Directed Alex Thompson | Cinematography Zoe Lubeck | Music by Quinn Tsan | Filmed at Locallective Gallery |Premiered in 2015  

Winner, Best Film: Flatlands Film Festival, 2016 | Winner, Best Film: Flatlands Film Festival, 2016 | Winner, Best Film: In/Motion Chicago Dance Film Festival, 2015


photography | Matthew Gregory Hollis