Dive, Baby, Dive is a dance film that exists in significant darkness. Influenced by 70’s era Grindhouse movies, superheros, comic books and classic female archetypes, Dive, Baby, Dive tells an abstracted narrative that copes with being a victim, a survivor and a hero. Initially created for the stage, Kilmurray collaborated with The Good Night Ladies to reimagine this work for film. 

Choreography  by Erin Kilmurray |Directed by Jessica Marks + Eve Rydberg of The Good Night Ladies |Performed by Virginia Cook, Jillian Endebrock, Maggie Koller, Kaitlin Webster | Sound Design by Ariel Zetina featuring She Speaks In Tongues | with support from Mana Contemporary Chicago + The Inconvenience.

winner : BEST FILM NARRATIVE ; Jacksonville Dance Film Festival (2016) 

photography | Megan Lee Miller