currently in process, SEARCH PARTY is a multi-phase, energetically explosive dance work the follows a group of women as they set and test their limits. It is a communal investigation of boundaries and limits - asking "what do we have?"  vs. "what do we need?"; what is expected vs. what are we capable of; and looking at the effects of designated space vs. free space. Set in the round, sometime on a dancefloor, sometimes not, this Search Party organizes to look for what has been lost, what has been missing, or what has been hiding. 

Choreography by Erin Kilmurray in collaboration with performers | Alyssa Gregory, Tia Monet Greer, Sarah Mitchell, Kaitlin Webster, Cassandra Porter, Samantha Allen, Stephanie Paul  

*excerpts in progress have been shown through private home performances, Salonathon, ACTIVATE chicago, The Alphawood Gallery +  as a part of  Elevate Chicago Dance presented by Chicago Dancemaker's Forum | Premiere anticipated in  Fall 2018

Currently in development with support from High Concept Labs' Sponsored Artist Program (2017)+ Links Hall Co-Mission Residency (Fall 2018)  + Chicago Dancemakers Forum  Greenhouse Grant (Fall 2018) 

photos by | Matthew Gregory Hollis