THE SALTS is music, dance, theater, performance art and social experiment all wrapped up in a chaotic and joyous hour of movement… Physical, earnest, diverse and inspired, The Salts is the kind of performance you’re lucky to see once a year.” -Newcity

Drawing inspiration from live music experiences, The Salts is an evening length, immersive contemporary dance work with the spirit, prowess and explosive performances of iconic front(wo)men. Through movement, text, sound and direct audience engagement, the work became an exercise in the intimacies of a public vs. private persona. Sharing the bill with local bands and guest performers in an immersive atmosphere, this work is an exercise in engaging dance audiences outside of the typical.  In the studio and on stage, The Salts functioned much like a band by collaborating and performing a set of high-velocity dances to distorted guitar, driving bass lines, wild vocals creating a kinetic energy - like seeing a band’s performance from the inside of the kick drum. 

Run time: Approx 60 minutes

Concept + choreography: Erin Kilmurray
in collaboration with Molly Brennan and performers Josh Anderson, Katie Graves + Mikey Rioux

Sound design: Mikhail Fiksel

Lighting design: Heather Sparling

Set design: John Holt

Costume design: Eve Rydberg

Photo credit:  Matthew Gregory Hollis

Video credit : Nic Jones

The Salts was created in support + residency with Links Hall, The University of Chicago, Salonathon and produced by The Inconvenience.


Collaboration Chicago: The Inconvenience, May 2015

University of Chicago: Chicago Performance Labs, August 2014

Creative Support Time WIP: Links Hall, Dec 2013

Listen: Vocalo Radio Interview with Kilmurray on The Salts process