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the JIM | teaching artist

the JIM (developed + directed by Jessie Marasa) is a low cost membership program offering daily classes in dance, somatics and improvisation. It stands for The Joy in Moving and is designed by dancers redefining their current cultural means for going to the gym. 

Kilmurray is among an accomplished roster of Chicago teaching artists who will bring their own take of the JIM mission to the studio. Her class description + details are below:

dance club | This class is for experienced movers to activate dancing as a mindful individual practice and a catalyst for creating community. We will play, sweat, try, fail, locomote, and get physical together as we explore the nature of our movement and it's relationship to music and joy.

Tuesday June 27 8PM - 9:30PM + Tuesday July 11 8PM - 9 :30PM | Hamlin Park Fieldhouse

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